Surviving Bootcamp


I don’t think I have ever been more scared in my life than the week leading up to my boyfriend leaving for Navy basic training also known as “boot camp”.

I mean we knew it was coming but It doesn’t take away from the insecurities of the unknown and what lies ahead. Here are my tips on how I survived those 8 weeks of being away from my boyfriend:

  1. LOVE YOURSELF:  This might sound a bit off but why is it my number one tip? because it should be. YOU ARE SPECIAL. I cannot tell you how many times I put my boyfriend’s priorities before mine. I wanted to go to the gym but he wanted to eat.. guess what we would end up doing? Eating. It wasn’t bad . . .but take this time to recenter yourself. If you wanted to take that alone drive with the windows down listening to Taylor Swift .. YOU DO YOU GIRL!

2.WRITE…THEN…WRITE SOME MORE: My goodness. I have had a journal since I can remember. Sometimes I write a lot and other times I write once a year… but every time I look back at it I am thankful that what worried me then no longer worries me now.  P.S This also includes writing to your significant other the moment they leave that way when you do get an address to send them them mail  you would have had pre-prepped letters ready to be sent out.

3.COLLEGE GIRL BY DAY: If I was a real housewife this would be my tagline “I am a college girl by day… and a Navy girlfriend all the time” LOL. Seriously, when my boyfriend left I still had about three weeks of winter break; however, when I started Spring semester I took a full course load and was constantly doing homework and keeping myself busy.

4. WORK WORK WORK WORK: Yupp. Love that song also that is exactly what I did I WORKED A LOT. I SAVED A LOT. This is how I was able to save up to go to my boyfriend’s Graduation from boot camp and it made all those long hours worth it.

5. WHO RUNS THE WORLD? GIRLS: My last tip would surround yourself with your best girlfriends whether it is for a glass of wine or to go on a run it simply warms the heart to hang out with those you love and cherish the most. They will be great at keeping you company and letting you know you got this.


So, let me tell you if I can get through 8 weeks of missing my significant other you will too. Hang tight and love harder also if you ever need any advice or have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.



College Girl By Day…

Hi Everyone, I’m Cam,

I could start off by saying that I love writing and that I have always been a writer. However, that is not necessarily true. I like writing butlove writing when I don’t have to. With that being said I created this blog to write whenever I want.

So here it goes…

I am in love with a man in uniform but more than that I fell for a boy at a Friendsgiving party 3 years ago. My boyfriend’s name is Jeremy. When Jeremy told me he was enlisting in the Navy my heart dropped; nevertheless, I was going to support him. Was I scared? yes. Was I afraid of being broken up with like I was broken up with by my ex-boyfriend right before he left for Air Force boot camp? Absolutely.


(Our we are “instagram official” picture back in 2015)

I have fears. I’m human. He’s human. I’m not going to sit here and say that love is enough because it’s not. However, I also know that who he is and where we go doesn’t define me. Our story is just one component of my life. A HUGE one but I want more for myself than just being a Navy girlfriend. So as much as I just want to talk about my man and our relationship and the Navy I also want to tell you guys how I am even able to go months without seeing him. I want this blog to not only be for me but for the girl whose boyfriend just told her he enlisted. This blog is for the girl who loves her man so much but doesn’t know how to get through eight weeks of boot camp or what life is going to look like after. I want this blog to also be for that person out there who doesn’t know how they are going to get through college because let me tell ya I don’t know either. I am right there with you. This blog is to document my experiences with life itself.

This is a piece of my heart y’all. This is me in a nutshell: I’m a college girl by day, and a Navy girlfriend all the time 🙂 

and if that’s enough for you … let’s be friends!

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